Unpersonalize (on main contract)

If you have any questions, please mail Su@TenThousandSu.com.

The page only applies to Su Squares that were personalized using the old expensive way. This allows you to personalize going forward using the new cheaper way.

Your Square is displayed on TenThousandSu.com based on 1) how it is personalized (if at all) on the main contract and 2) how it is personalized (if at all) on the underlay contract. This tool allows you to remove your personalization on the main contract. Typically people will want to use this to get access to the cheaper and newer underlay contract. Learn more about our personalization underlay on our announcement page.

Step 1: Install MetaMask

To personalize use Edge/Chrome/Firefox/Opera and Install MetaMask or compatible software to continue. Then reload this page.

Step 2: Login to Mainnet

Switch to Ethereum Mainnet and login to your MetaMask wallet. Then reload this page.